Design is the fusion of fantasy and emotion with functional reality

About us

MOON Architects is a planning and design center established by Yaron Ben Yitzhak and Yossef Shimon in 2010. This center is an essential tier and has extensive experience in the world of architectural planning and interior design. The design and execution we provide to our growing circle of customers, covers a wide spectrum, which includes planning and design of commercial and private spaces on a large scale as well as small.

As part of the service trend that accompanies our work, we prioritize the clear and consistent design language, tailored for each of our customers to the highest standards, uncompromising quality and according to a personal and unique concept, externalizing ignited originality in every space and space.

Breakthrough background

The professional background of the members of the expert team at MOON combines in each and every project a large number of areas of expertise in the world of architectural design and ranges from exterior planning, interior design, landscape planning, office design, restaurant planning and design, lighting and shading planning, luxury apartment planning, design and planning Kitchens and many other spaces, open and closed, which receive an upgraded transformation of games of light, color, texture and angle. With an ecological emphasis in planning, which is reflected in continuous energy savings.

Among our many customers you can find both private customers and construction contractors, from the well-known and strong in the local market, such as Meshulam Levinstein, Afridar, Afgad, Amram and Kanin Neve Ha’ir and more.
The hallmark that characterizes our work illuminates a deliberate strategic focus, which emphasizes the eclectic design principle that blends fantasy and emotion, with the consistent and modular functioning of the essence of the space given to us.
We invite you to enter the world of innovative, high-quality and content-rich architectural design.

– Among our customers –

studio moon architects

we at studio moon architects  

believe in planning and desigh according to the NLP approach which creates the synergy of experience and combines the world of fantasy and emotion with the functional reality that defines space in time. 

the accessibility of the designed space, modular on the one hand and charming on the other, is the guiding path of our continuous professional path in a variety of planning and design styles of private homes, multi-purpose residential homes and in addition, our firm also specializes in the planning and design of personal and individual furniture, of lighting, planning of private and commercial buildings, exterior and interior

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