About the project –

An adaptation of – the logo of the Afgad company – for a sales office building located on the construction site of the project. The season is programmatic for the sale needs: in the reception area, waiting area, conference room, kitchenette, bathroom, and sales room. And all this while emphasizing the branding of the company, the branding of the given project and the visitors’ farm.

** The first of its kind, followed by the duplication of additional offices for the specialization and branding of the company’s sales offices.

Moon studio

Is an architecture and design firm established in 2010 by Yaron Ben Yitzhak and Yosef Shimon who come with extensive background and experience in the field of design and planning, private homes, multi-purpose residential homes and commercial spaces.
We give paramount importance to a clear and consistent design language that is tailored for you according to a personal concept.
Sensitive patient and attentive to needs and feelings …
We invite you to brainstorm between the world of fantasy and emotion and the functional reality !!