About the project –

Penthouse apartment in a traditional modern style, from a project of the Levinstein company in Shoham.
6 rooms that we turned into 5 with a wide and pampering living space + a magical roof terrace.
After an in-depth investigation and tracing of the amazing family we have created an interpretation of items of sentimental value for the customers, they are reflected
Using tools and principles from the NLP world
Some of them are presented by anchors that are assimilated into the space and directly and indirectly motivate the complex of existing senses.
The design is done with an emphasis on functionality and a clear and consistent design language.

Moon studio

Is an architecture and design firm established in 2010 by Yaron Ben Yitzhak and Yosef Shimon who come with extensive background and experience in the field of design and planning, private homes, multi-purpose residential homes and commercial spaces.
We give paramount importance to a clear and consistent design language that is tailored for you according to a personal concept.
Sensitive patient and attentive to needs and feelings …
We invite you to brainstorm between the world of fantasy and emotion and the functional reality !!