Planning and design of holiday apartments – 4 penthouses in the Tiberias Lighthouse project

We were approached by two talented project developers who built a magnificent building perched on a mountain above the Sea of ​​Galilee with breathtaking views, the two decided that the entire last floor of the four penthouses is designated for planning and designing four luxurious holiday apartments that exude luxury, quality and creativity. During the brainstorming and understanding of the needs it was already clear to us that we were going to create a different experience in each of the holiday units but at the same time still maintain a uniform and clear concept among them all.

A pampering and shared roof

In the design we created a pampering and shared roof with a private exit to each of the four apartments, it includes a large Jacuzzi on the height built for him on stage so they can watch the Sea of ​​Galilee, a professional DJ stand, sauna, spacious drinks bar, grill stand and huge TV projector.

Different variety

Since the purpose is for short-term rental and the goal is to accommodate a different variety of populations and needs, the principle is to know how to combine rational and practical design with qualities of long-term durable materials alongside burnt and temporary design that will create a unique and unforgettable experience for guests.

Moon studio

Is an architecture and design firm established in 2010 by Yaron Ben Yitzhak and Yosef Shimon who come with extensive background and experience in the field of design and planning, private homes, multi-purpose residential homes and commercial spaces.
We give paramount importance to a clear and consistent design language that is tailored for you according to a personal concept.
Sensitive patient and attentive to needs and feelings …
We invite you to brainstorm between the world of fantasy and emotion and the functional reality !!